Other Appearances & Awards

Along with his communication skills in television, radio, and print, Ira Flatow is also a skilled public speaker. His public speaking appearances include:

-Rockefeller University

-The World Economics Forum

sp1002313_1-Sun Microsystems

-Hewlett Packard

-Calvin Academy

-Cal Tech



-University of Wisconsin


-National Inventor’s Hall of Fame

download (3)-Kentucky Author Forum

-100th Anniversary Celebration of the Science Museum of Minnesota (2007).

Ira Flatow has also earned a multitude of awards for his work:

Isaac Asimov Award (2012)
Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest (2010)
Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, membership (2008)
National Science Teachers Association Faraday Science Communicator Award (2007)
The National Science Board Public Service Award (2005)
World Economic Forum Media Fellowship (2005)
AAAS Journalism Award (2000)
Brady Washburn Award (2000)
AAAS-Westinghouse Science Journalism Awards – radio (1983)
AAAS-Westinghouse Science Journalism Awards – TV (1983)
Honorary Doctorate – Pennsylvania’s Muhlenberg College



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