Television Career

Ira Flatow’s fame extends to all media types available in this day and age, including television.
newtbannerIn 1982, Flatow began his six-year term as writer and host for PBS’s program Newton’s Apple, which won an Emmy Award in 1989 for Outstanding Children’s Series.
In 1999, Flatow wrote, produced, and hosted Transistorized!, a documentary detailing the history of the transistor. This documentary was distrubeted in PBS, as was Flatow’s four-part series Big Ideas, which was released in 2003. Click here to purchase a rare copy of the documentary.
For other networks, such as cable’s CNBC, Westinghouse, and CBS This Morning, Flatow served as a science reporter. He is also featured occasionally on shows such as Merv Griffin, Today, Charlie Rose, and Oprah to offer a scientific opinion when it is needed.
Flatow continues to be a part of science pop culture today, including CBS’s iconic show The Big The Discovery DissipationBang Theory. In the episode “The Vengeance Formulation,” Flatow’s voice is featured through one scene’s radio, and in “The Discovery Dissipation,” Flatow is featured on-screen, this time interviewing Sheldon (Jim Parsons) about his recent discovery as Leonard (Johnny Galecki) does his best to disprove the discovery. Click here to view the clip.
Flatow’s most recent work continues to be reporting the latest, most relevant science stories on Maximum Science, a digital cablevision program.


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